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Hello world! My name is Angel Escalera Jr. I have created this website to share knowledge and truth.I want to show the world that if they just ate good= whole nutrient dense organic foods you will start to feel better .If you eat whole organic foods and exercise  you will feel better and lose weight. Now if you cleanse and detoxifiy you can prevent illnesses and reverse the aging process .Not only will you lose weight and start to feel better you can heal the body and reverse the aging process!I am a full-time student athlete majoring in exercise science. I am on a life-long journey to dicover the truth and share it with the world! Nutrition and fitness is my passion. I am a personal trainer and health experimentalist who is open to mother earth and what she has to offer. Understanding that everybody’s different is important. Each person digests and assimilates food differently. Each persons DNA is very unique. With an open mind and no dogma attached, I have experienced veganism, vegetarianism, and fruitarianism. I have also experimented with eating a paleo diet as well as eating accordingly with my metabolic type. I spend much of my time self-educating through books and documentaries about holistic health. In my future, I am on a healing journey of becoming a Naturopathic doctor. Thats what my heart desires! One of my experiences was an eight-teen day juice fast on nothing but fresh organic fruits,vegetables,  and herbs juice. The juice fast has changed my life! I dropped tons of body fat, gained mental clarity and had never ending energy. My skin was clear and vibrant, almost as if I was glowing! My experience inspired me to deepen my knowledge of the benefits of organic fruits,vegetables and herbs. For three years now, I have been researching and experiencing the healing properties of fresh juice. I have learned the truth about the human body and how it functions.The beautiful truth is that the body can heal on its own.Detoxification is the golden KEY! Juice fasting is a form of detoxing your body. Juice fasting with vibrational and Alkalizing foods helps to detox a toxic body much quicker than other forms of detoxification. The micronutrients that you recieve during a juice fast will nourish the cells and help to combat the toxins in your body. The live enzymes in fresh juice will re-new your cells, helping you to live a vibrant life! Juice fasting is the quickest way to drop tons of weight, cleanse, and heal the human body.You can drink fresh juices in your daily routine to add micronutrients (vitamins,minerals,enzymes)to your diet for a healthier you!Experience the truth for yourself, and discover how great you can really feel!Start slowly adding in more juices to work your way up ! You can even do a 24 hour  juice fast. 48 hours , or 3 day juice fast! They are all very cleansing and nourishing! fasting allows your body to have a break from always digesting food day too day.So your body has time to cleanse and regenerate.For any questions just send me an email on the Contact Page.  I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions.If you want  any help with what kind of juicer to purchase and how to juice  just contact me! ANY questions or HELP please dont be shy!

The website has fresh juice recipes that I have created and used during my fast Under my “Juice Recipes” on the menu. I have researched, and experienced every fruit, vegetable, and herb in all my recipes. I will be updating  the website with new recipes from time to time. I will be sharing tons of information about my experiences with different foods and diets on my Blog page! The blog page has tons of information on how the body can heal  by itself ,check it out! To get a hold of me for 1 on 1 discussions , questions or just want to know more skype me @      Escolessgo 

Ill be more than happy to talk with you! :)




for FREE juice recipes just quickly fillout the information  on the “Juice Recipes” page  up top and you will recieve my vibrant Recipes!   :) Also includes my Free eBook on how to choose the right Juicer for you!Includes info on the steps to take to start living a healthier lifestyle!



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