I want to show the world that if they just ate good= whole nutrient dense organic foods you will start to feel better .If you eat whole organic foods and exercise  you will feel better and lose weight. Now if you cleanse and detoxifiy you can prevent illnesses and reverse the aging process .Not only will you lose weight and start to feel better you can heal the body and reverse the aging process!Health is the greatest wealth! The key to true health is detoxification and love. Juicing is a great way to detox and nourish the body. Fresh fruit and vegtable juices aid in nourishing and regenerating the cells. Human beings are made up of about 100 trillions of cells! When the body is alkaline  the cells are able to fuction properly. When the cells are not functioning properly due to acidosis , humans become sick .When drinking  fresh juice and hydrating with clean water the body will start to heal itself. What we want is to alkalize, with fresh fruits and vegetables!Acidosis is a major concern for many people of this day and age. Acid damage creates issues within the human cells. We want to be alkaline with a basic PH level of about 7.3  Alkalizing the body with fresh juices and clean water is key.20140601_133924-MOTION


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  • Liver flush (Detox)




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